NOx ultra low emission tankless water heater with condensation technology and an energy factor of 0.95 that minimizes operating costs and is environmentally friendly.

  • Energy Star® Certificate
  • Combo connection of up to 4 devices (without accessories) and up to 20 devices with TKG-MULTI-UNIT accessory
  • Ultra low emission 20 ppm NOx (nitrogen oxides)
  • Automatic adjustment of outlet temperature, according to water demand
  • High efficiency combustion system with gas injection, computer modulated
  • Excellent gas savings (energy factor = 0.95)
  • Forced draft system with variable flow fan to optimize combustion
  • Easy to install
  • Available in natural gas and propane
  • Complies with standards, lead free
  • Heat exchanger built in copper. With greater robustness and corrosion resistance
  • Secondary heat exchanger built in 316 stainless steel for added corrosion protection
  • Models for indoor and outdoor use
  • It includes temperature control (° F or ° C) and advanced diagnosis for troubleshooting. It can operate without remote control

Made in Japan

Tankless water heater TAKAGI