Planning of solar projects


We begin by checking the individual parameters on the site, the conditions of the installation area, the geographical orientation, the inclination of the base, and for photovolaic systems, in the case of monuments or buildings protected by the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) the legality of the installation. We also add satellite images and geodata. In addition, your individual requirements regarding energy consumption, and in the electrical case, the load profile is important for a positive assessment of the prerequisites.


On this basis for photovoltaic electrical projects, we use professional software tools to plan the plant appropriate to your needs and give you concrete figures for the evaluation of performance, profitability and amortization time.


Financing options also play a role in the evaluation of the economic creation of a plant. Especially in the commercial sector, for investment projects and solar parks, the development of energy prices is a key competitive factor.


In the case of thermal projects, we also perform a series of important calculations in order to offer you optimum performance according to your needs.


You will receive from us a concrete offer for a complete system. The selection and combination of modules, inverters and accessories requires competent planning and knowledge of product properties.

We hope to benefit from our experience and the selection of suitable equipment tailored to your needs as well as our attractive rates and purchase conditions.


If the space for the installation and our profitability forecast meet your expectations, we hope there is nothing that gets in the way of carrying out your project.

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