Consulting for solar projects


To obtain energy either thermal or electrical by solar source, the ability of certain materials to convert light into heat or electricity is used. Although solar energy has become a variety of standard technologies, several factors are decisive for the economic viability of a project.


According to the type of project you need, we advise you on all aspects of an optimal cost-benefit ratio:

• Evaluation of the conditions of the area (for example, angle of inclination, orientation and size of available space, soil condition, solar irradiation, etc.)
• Options for technical realization
• Evaluation of products and manufacturers
• Building permits
• System Integration
• Interconnection to the local network (CFE)
• Convenience of current electricity tariff and possible change of it
• Financing options


Regardless of whether you are planning a private or commercial installation, a large solar park or a house with solar technology, we can help you with our experience to find the best options. Developers and builders are also welcome to use our consulting services.


We are attentive to the rapid technological development in the field of renewable energy in terms of components, materials and efficiency to offer you quality products and energy solutions with high performance.

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