Solar Heaters

  • Environmental care: This technology does not require fossil fuels to heat the water so it does not pollute or emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

  • Great economic savings: You save up to 80% of the gas since in a house regularly the rest is used in the kitchen, in this way your economy is benefited considerably.

  • Easy maintenance: Thanks to their materials and design, they do not require great maintenance for proper operation. And if required, maintenance is very simple and does not necessarily require a professional.​

  • Economic replacement parts: The parts with which our solar heaters are built are very resistant since they are designed to be outdoors, but if it is necessary to change any of them, the spare parts are very economical.

  • Inexhaustible source of energy: It does not consume gas, the sun is its source of energy and is an infinite resource, Mexico is among the 5 countries with the greatest solar potential in the world.

  • Hot water day and night: They have a stainless steel thermal storage tank with polyurethane insulation thus keeping the hot water overnight. 

  • It operates in cold or hot weather: Due to its technology, these devices absorb heat from the sun even in environments with temperatures up to -17 ° C.

With a solar heater you save up to 80% on your gas bill

A solar water heater is a device that uses sunlight, clean and unlimited energy, to heat water for use in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, at home, office, business, etc.

Our heaters are manufactured with the highest technology and the best materials suitable for local conditions making them very durable and reliable.

The systems are integrated with high vacuum borosilicate glass collector tubes absorbing direct solar radiation and diffuse solar radiation, which means that they also work even if it is cloudy. They also have a thermo tank to store the water allowing to maintain the temperature throughout the night.

They allow substantial energy savings, since the sun shining on 1m² of roof annually replaces 100 m³ of natural gas per year.

Supplying a washing machine or dishwasher with this hot water also cuts off the electricity used by these devices to heat the water and shorten the wash cycles.

Solar heaters are a good option when it comes to saving and caring for the planet in an easy and economical way. With the correct selection and installation of a suitable equipment to the needs of a house, company or industry, it is possible to optimally meet the requirements of hot water and if you have an additional gas or electric heater, this could serve as backup at times of several continuous days of very adverse weather or in case you require more hot water than usual.

Benefits of having a Solar Heater

As a complement and backup in case you ever need more hot water than usual, we have for you a reliable selection of automatic and tankless gas heaters that fit all types of needs.

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