Benefits of a Photovoltaic System

  • Environmental care: Compared to other technologies that require fuels to generate electricity, it does not emit greenhouse gases or pollutants into the atmosphere.

  • Big economic savings: Being that an initial investment is required, solar electricity is cheaper than buying power from the electric company since it begins to be automatically paid immediately and once the breakeven point has been reached, all that remains of the life of the PV equipment is profit.

  • Easy maintenance: There are no moving parts, so you don't have to worry about replacing mechanical parts, keeping maintenance basically just cleaning.

  • Inexhaustible source of energy: The sun is an infinite resource that feeds this technology and Mexico is in a privileged position to receive this radiation.

  • Long life of the equipment: According to the atmospheric conditions, the estimated useful life of a good quality equipment is between 30 and 45 years.

  • They make no noise: It is the only renewable energy source that is completely silent.

  • It is modular: This option gives us the possibility to increase the power generation capacity of our equipment at any time. Likewise, it gives us the possibility of using previously unused spaces such as patios and roofs and with minimal architectural impact.  

  • Energy backup: If you opt for a device interconnected to the local electricity network, the excess in generation of your equipment at any time, can be stored in the CFE network for later use. Similarly, if you require more energy than projected and generated by your equipment, you can use the energy of the CFE network.


  • Extensive guarantees: These cover between 20 to 25 years in the production of your equipment.


  • Tax deduction: The government offers incentives for people to acquire electricity generating systems through renewable sources where according to Article 34 Fracc. XIII LISR, the equipment is 100% deductible in the first fiscal year, which can represent up to 38% of the total value of the system ( (only for those with fiscal responsibilities to the ISR).

  • Innovation: Since every day we realize the importance and need of sustainability, and in search of this does not mean a reduction in the comforts offered by a modern world, the supply of electrical equipment increases every day. Thus your property is prepared for the reception of these new options such as electric vehicles.

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